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Water Supply and Drainage systems

Sunbeam Construction operates across all sectors of the water industry resulting in a wide range of services provided by the company. These services include but are not limited to investigation and development of water resources, assessment of water needs & implementation of appropriate water supplies. We also work on projects related to the treatment and disposal of wastewater across the island. We deliver cutting edge water supply and management services ranging from cost planning and operational support up to design and capability building of water resources.

We have managed to successfully execute many projects related to water supply, drainage & wastewater management in Sri Lanka. Apart from focusing on water supplies, drainage and waste disposal we also address methods for controlling water in order to avoid water-related damage and disasters.

Our main areas of focus include supplying water for domestic use, removing excess and polluted water after its consumption, developing methods to avoid catastrophic damage from excess water such as from flooding and planning and management of constructed facilities that address the above tasks.

Our services

Our wide range of services in the water supply and drainage industry include;

  • Designing, constructing & commissioning of water and drainage treatment plants.
  • Supply and installation of M & E equipment required for projects related to water supply and drainage.
  • Pipe laying in water and drainage transmission and distribution networks.
  • Planning and implementing all stages until project completion.

We have been able to successfully complete many water supply and drainage related projects island-wide. A few of these projects include;

  • Pipe laying project for the National Water Supply & Drainage Board – Completed in 2016
  • Construction of a water tower in Kurunegala for the National Water Supply & Drainage Board – Completed in 2018

Our services in water supply and drainage systems can be categorized as follows;

  • Construction of water towers, reservoirs, access roads pump houses and pipe laying.
  • Construction of water treatment plants, land levelling, drainage etc.
  • Construction of booster pumping stations, laying large diameter DI pipes, steel and concrete pipes and related fittings.
  • Excavation of earth, rock and piling for the construction of water treatment plants

Being in operation for over two decades, we believe that proper planning and implementation of projects bring success in every way. Our highly skilled team with the required expertise successfully manages to implement and execute projects in a smooth manner, paving the way to provide high quality results using advanced technology and innovative solutions to all of our clients.